Bringing Mindfulness and social emotional learning to the classroom. Drawing on our experience of delivering programs to tens of thousands of students across Australia, we have developed a training program for your teachers.

Wellbeing is a trainable skill; children can learn respect, empathy, responsible behaviour, and other social and emotional competencies that help them to succeed in school and life. Classroom teachers build awareness and learn how to deliver these important skills in the classroom.

Developing teaching practices that support the development of students’ physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills, through all stages of maturity.

Outcomes of this progressive, classroom-focused program include:

  • Improved classroom management practices through mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Increased listening and communication skills
  • Strengthened strategies to manage student anxiety
  • Effective tools to create calmer classroom and strengthen learning environments
  • Developing an understanding of how physical, mental and emotional health factors affect student learning
  • Tools and strategies for students to learn to identify feelings and needs and regulate their emotions
  • Learning practical classroom strategies to help students build resilience to enhance positive relationships
  • Life Skills Group Professional Development programs provide practical and interactive training that enables classroom teachers to create focused, harmonious and positive learning environments