What can Nikki Bonus bring to your event?

Nikki Bonus’ commitment to bringing wellbeing and mindful leadership to communities is unwavering.

Nikki is the founder and CEO of Life Skills Group, a national schools program that establishes a foundation of yoga, mindfulness, wellbeing and life skills for teachers, students and parents. Nikki’s focus areas include mindfulness-based foundational skills for self-awareness and emotional intelligence to expand leadership capacity and develop overall wellbeing.

Nikki believes that every teacher should be given mindful leadership training as they are the leaders of our future generation of leaders. She shares tips and techniques for creating calmer classrooms, improving classroom management and increasing student performance. She empowers people with strategies to deal with whatever comes their way. 

In addition to her role at Life Skills Group, Nikki is well-known in the education and private sectors as a keynote speaker, regularly running workshops and training programs. Her polished, connected and comedic style has resonated with audiences throughout Australia who have greatly benefitted from her presentations. Nikki offers practical advice, tools and wisdom from the heart that comes from overcoming difficulties in her own life as well as juggling multiple roles, to assist professionals from all walks of life. She shares powerful insights, imparting her knowledge by sharing the skill and disciplines she's learnt from her 20 years in developing programs for schools and working with businesses, and shows how they can be applied to senior executives, teachers and staff alike.

Nikki’s passion is educating and empowering individuals to deal with the life on life’s terms, teaching skills and tools to move them from surviving to thriving.

Have Nikki attend your conference or conventions

Nikki is available by appointment for public speaking engagements, workshops and conferences.


"I have been very impressed with Nikki's presentation and her subsequent workshop. I was able to incorporate some of the strategies that she presented the next day. I have attended thousands of professional development activities in my twenty years of teaching. There were only three that I would characterise as career changers, that is, activities that permanently changed what I did and how I did it. Thanks for the framework to find some balance. It is without hesitation that I recommend Nikki as an exemplary presenter, available to reach participants and engage them." -  Craig Nielsen, Crown Street Public School

"Nikki was a fantastic presenter who understands our profession/stress level/lifestyle and, based on her knowledge, suggested a lot of doable activities to improve our quality of life." -  Valkstone Primary School

"Nikki was fantastic to listen to. She shared stories with us. She was real - I appreciated that." -  Laura Young, Sherwood Ridge Public School 

"I could not have been more delighted with the positive response as Nikki had the staff in her hands from the first few moments until the end where the feedback was resoundingly positive. Months down the track staff are still referring back to the handful of very useful strategies and marvelling at how they have been able to integrate some of these mindful ideas to improve their stress management each day. Our students have been taking their learning back home and feedback leading into the usual 'NAPLAN stress' period has been positive as well. We will definitely be looking for funding to make this a part of every year's PL at our school." -  DP, Inner West PS