Students develop tools to understand and manage their emotions, as well as the physical and social changes that occur through the different stages of life. The program encourages students to be aware of their own and others’ safety, health and wellbeing.

The program combines physical activities and reflective practices. Benefits include:

  • Improved concentration, listening and negotiation skills
  • Increased understanding of physical and mental health, and wellbeing
  • Stronger self-esteem and the ability to create positive relationships and opportunities
  • Useful relaxation and mindfulness tools
  • Useful problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Positive participation in teams by encouraging others, and negotiating roles and responsibilities
  • Enhanced recognition of how emotions influence behaviour

Our HPE / SEL / Mindfulness and wellbeing programs focus on physical, social, emotional wellbeing, and self-regulating attention strategies and skills.  They promote wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning.