We believe that every teacher is the leader of our future generation of leaders.

A highly interactive workshop designed to integrate the key building blocks for staff wellbeing and leadership: mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, self-awareness, mental and emotional resilience, and engagement.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of how stress affects the brain and personal wellbeing
  • Appreciate the foundations of wellbeing and the brain’s negativity bias
  • Understand – and practice – how focused attention / mindfulness / emotional intelligence supports well-being
  • Combine the principles of self-leadership with healthy lifestyle attributes to improve their individual wellbeing and class room management
  • Experience the power of generous listening as a tool for conflict management and developing compassion
  • Explore how the mind works through neuroscience and psychology, as well as through first-hand exploration in a practice called mindfulness-based emotional intelligence
  • Develop greater awareness of the link between physiology, health and our thinking