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Life Skills Group programs are evidence-based, curriculum-aligned, and underpinned by the latest peer-reviewed research into Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Fundamental movement skills, non-competitive games, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing science.

We are unique among service providers in drawing upon HPE, SEL, mindfulness, PERMA (Seligman 2012), and growth mindset, in combination with effective pedagogical practices in each of our programs.

The benefits of an holistic approach to well-being are recognized in the very foundations of the current Australian curriculum. Life Skills Group helps schools, teachers and communities on the journey to providing the best opportunities for students.

Students are nurtured in the development of a mindset – and critically, a skillset – that is essential for lifelong learning, and building resilience, a growth mindset, and respect for the physical body. These three areas are integral “to a flourishing life.” (Keyes, 2007).

Life Skills Group recognize that at the core of all key educational frameworks is positive student wellbeing.  We achieve this by enhancing students’ ability to understand and access the skills necessary to: build resilience; develop self-regulation; increase self-awareness; practice positive relationship skills; and strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Students complete our programs better equipped to build a “flourishing world”

Students learn and apply positive physical fitness skills, self-regulation activities, and wellbeing tools through a range of visual and auditory stimuli and movement skills.

Students experience an interdisciplinary program that:

  • Increases concentration, coordination and energy levels
  • Improves balance, posture and natural flexibility
  • Develops an ability to recognise the rights, values and feelings of others
  • Fosters an acceptance of differences and the management of conflict
  • Imparts techniques for relaxation and mindfulness
  • Increases knowledge of how physical activity contributes to a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Decreases stress and anxiety, enhanced health and wellbeing

Our HPE / SEL / Mindfulness and wellbeing programs focus on physical, social, emotional wellbeing, and self-regulating attention strategies and skills.  They promote wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning.